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Cardio Tennis

Cardio Tennis is a series of tennis-based drills and activities played to up-tempo music on a tennis court. It does not require tennis skills, but is all about keeping your heart rate up, burning calories and having fun.

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Re-Stringing Service

Generation Tennis is in partnership with Rackets Plus to provide all you tennis needs.
We offer a re-stringing service at competitive prices and top quality.


Yonex Shop

Generation Tennis our proud suppliers of Yonex tennis supplies. Check out the latest range in our online shop.

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Tennis Parties

It is very important to make sure you give your child a birthday they will enjoy and remember. Generation Tennis can offer a selection of parties, click the button below to find out more.

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Tots Tennis Coaching
Tots is for children aged 3 to 5 years old and enables them to learn the basics and how to enjoy the game through a series of fun activities, based on the fundamental areas of balance, co-ordination, agility, movement and racket and ball skills.

Tots play with sponge balls and 19 or 21 inch rackets and the focus is about making it as much fun as possible.

Mini Red Tennis Coaching
Mini Red tennis is for players aged 8 and under; and is the beginning of the players tennis journey. It is played on smaller courts with shorter rackets and softer balls. Mini Red incorporates agility, balance and coordination skills that will help the player through all aspects of sport.
Mini Orange Tennis Coaching
Mini Orange tennis is for players aged 8 and 9. It is played on slightly larger courts than Mini Red, with bigger rackets that are not as soft as red balls. It is the next stage to go through before you start playing on a full sized court and it will help players develop all the different shots, providing fun competition.
Mini Green Tennis Coaching
Mini Green is the next step after Mini Orange tennis. It is played on a full tennis court, with bigger rackets and balls that are a little softer than yellow balls. It’s the next stage to go through before you start playing with a full compression yellow ball on a full sized court and it will help players develop and improve all aspects of their game.
Junior Tennis Coaching
Junior tennis consists of tactical and technical play in a group scenario or in an individual lesson. Lessons are taliored to each groups age and ability with emphasis on getting players match fit whilst still having fun on court.
Adult Tennis Coaching
We offer structured or pay and play lessons to be flexible with the demands of a busy life style. No matter whether you are a beginner, advanced player or haven’t played since school there is a lesson tailored for your needs.
Individual Tennis Coaching
In individual lessons players get the chance to have better contact time with the coach to work on either technical or tactical aspects of the game. Individual lessons are tailored to players needs, whether you are looking for a consistent hitting session or a take the time to revisit some coaching points made during your weekly lesson.

Individual lessons can be arranged around your schedule at the time that best suits. Bookings are subject to availability.

School Holiday Tennis Coaching
Generation Tennis school holiday tennis camps are packed full of fun and excitement. Our qualified tennis coaches will help you reach the top of your game.
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