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a family run business with strong family values and commitments that are consistent throughout…

James Bone – Head Coach / Partner

In summary

Here at Generation Tennis we believe in going over and above to provide the highest quality in our lessons. We currently run the coaching programme at six tennis clubs across Hampshire and West Sussex; offering everything from mini tennis to cardio tennis. We work closely with our tennis clubs and clients to make sure we provide lessons for every age and ability.

Our story

Generation Tennis was founded by James Bone in 2009 whilst he was finishing his last year of University studying Business. The company is now run as a partnership with James and his brother Alex. The team is growing larger every year and together our aim is to provide a professional service with quality coaching.

The team consists of programme grown coaches (players that have been coached by James and Alex as juniors and who have decided to become tennis coaches), as well as carefully selected individuals who have joined the team. Generation Tennis coaches coach consistently at their lesson and venue so you have the same coach week in week out. This ensures they know the players and their games and have a strong working relationship with both players and parents.

All of the Generation Tennis team is fully qualified, first aid trained and continuously develop their coaching abilities through the LTA. The team is a young and enthusiastic team dedicated to provide the best tennis lessons and have a wealth of 50 years coaching experience across the fully qualified coaches.

Our services

Generation Tennis offers an affordable and fun learning environment with good player to coach ratios. We also offer a wide range of services that include running Tennis Leaders courses for children ages 13 – 16 years. This course starts their journey to becoming a tennis coach. We also offer a re-stringing service; Charlie is the head re-stringer, as well as running primary and secondary school tennis lessons.

Generation Tennis is an idiosyncratic company that combines James and Alex’s business degrees with a passion for tennis. This has resulted in a family run business with strong family values and commitments that are consistent throughout the running of the business. The ownership structure gives us a long term orientation that traditional public firms often lack.

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